At Greenfield Place we like to showcase Ballarat arts and culture. 

Our current exhibition is by Lynne Makings;

Artist Statement

‘a loose line and a tight grid’

Continuity by a thread, [the makings of], represents a body of work exploring the overarching grid that links a fragile thread, the mortal coil, that binds and unites the disparate forces of continual change underpinning human existence. The thread symbolises the connecting life force that has been a constant companion working within the formal boundaries and structure of living my being.

and so it goes…

it will take me where it may.

Ballarat-based mature age artist who achieved recognition from my peers in 2015 being selected to show work at fortyfive downstairs ‘Emerging Artists, Victoria and PICA ‘Hatched’ Exhibition, 2016, Emerging Artists, Australia. In addition I was granted the Vice Chancellor 2D Acquistion and Creative Framing Awards, 2015. Founder of Soldiers Hill Artist Collective, SHAC. I work in a variety of mediums exploring the thread/line within the grid. I find myself increasingly drawn to the conceptual works of Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin as my art matures and mortality is the lived reality.

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